Information About Resurfacing And Benefits It Offers

Paving resurfacing is the process of giving the paving a fresh look and an added layer of protection. This process is done on a smaller scale on driveways or tennis courts and on a larger scale on commercial parking lots and highways. This article will go over the process and explain its benefits, so you can see why it can be important to have it done to your driveway, parking lot, or private road. 

The Resurfacing Process

If you're noticing that there are cracks, that it has potholes, or that it's uneven, it should be resurfaced. Asphalt can also be a much lighter shade than when new. Concrete can be pitted or flaking. These also indicate a need for resurfacing. 

The process starts by cleaning the surface to remove all dirt and other loose material. Then, the cracks, potholes, and other damaged areas will be filled with material to repair them. This will help create a smooth surface for resurfacing purposes. 

A fresh layer of asphalt or concrete will be applied over the existing surface. The layer will be evenly spread across the surface, while attempting to create the same thickness everywhere. Uneven areas will be built up with the new material. 

The new layer of material will be compacted by using heavy machinery with rollers. The rollers will press the material down to ensure it's packed into all underlying cracks and potholes, while also ensuring the material properly adheres to the previous surface. This process makes the new surface strong, resistant to wear, and smooth-looking. 

The final touches will include adding paving markers, line striping, and other special touches to complete the project and enhance safety.

The Benefits of Resurfacing

Improved Appearance: The surface will look new again and be free of any cracks, potholes, or other visible types of damage. 

Financial Savings: Resurfacing allows you to repair the defects in a surface easily and all at once. It also allows you to avoid needing to have it replaced. This helps you have a fresh surface that's in great shape for a lower cost. 

Added Strength: When you have the surface resurfaced, it will help make it stronger again. This will allow you to extend the lifespan of the surface and fend off any damages that may not have been far off. 

Time Savings: When you have your surface replaced, it can make it unavailable for use while the original surface is being removed. Then, it will remain unavailable until the whole new surface has been paved and cured. With resurfacing, the surface will be available for use much sooner.

Reach out to a pavement resurfacing contractor to learn more.