Understanding Asphalt Sealcoating Basics

Asphalt paving needs routine care and maintenance to ensure that it stays in the best possible condition. One of the key maintenance steps is periodic sealcoating. Before you plan your parking area's first sealcoating application, it's important to understand the best practices that improve your chances at a quality finish. Here's a look at some of the things that you should consider when it comes to sealcoating your asphalt surfaces.

Proper Preparation Is Important

The surface of the asphalt needs careful preparation before you apply sealcoating. If the asphalt is dirty, stained, or cracked, you're going to have issues with adherence and structural integrity. Take time to sweep and clean the asphalt, patch any holes or cracks, and ensure that the surface is properly prepared before any sealcoating application. When you work with a professional sealcoating contractor, you'll have a better chance at a quality application.

Application Conditions Matter

You might not realize it, but the weather conditions when you apply your sealcoating are an important consideration. Sealcoating applications are best done in moderate temperatures. When the weather is too cold, the sealcoating may not adhere properly. If temperatures are too hot, it takes longer for it to cure. Aim for spring or fall-like temperatures for the best possible outcome, and apply it when your forecast is free of rain predictions for at least a couple of days afterward.

Curing Time Is Essential

Just like with direct asphalt application, sealcoating needs time to cure as well. Once you have your sealcoating applied, keep the parking area roped off and avoid any traffic on the surfaces until the coating is properly cured. Your asphalt sealcoating contractor will let you know how long the parking area should be isolated.

Professional Application Makes a Difference

When you are ready for asphalt sealcoating, you should leave the task to a professional instead of trying to do it yourself. Working with a professional ensures that the sealcoating is properly mixed, not diluted, evenly applied, and in good condition. Sealcoating contractors have the training, tools, and equipment to create a professional finish.

These are some of the most important things to understand when you're considering maintenance and sealcoating for your parking lot. Talk with a local asphalt contractor today for more information about your sealcoating options and the best practices that you'll need to consider. If you are prepared, you'll end up with a quality sealcoating application and a longer lifespan for your parking area.