5 Ways To Minimize Ruts In Your Parking Lot

When it comes to parking lots, few materials work as well as asphalt. It's durable, easily maintained and repaired, and cost-effective. Unfortunately, asphalt can also develop ruts in the surface due to repeated use and heavy vehicles. There are ways to mitigate rut damage so you can continue to enjoy the benefits asphalt has to offer.

1. Reinforced Asphalt

For parking lots that see a lot of traffic or that are often subjected to heavier vehicles, reinforcement of the asphalt when it is initially installed is the best defense. Metal rods or reinforcement grids are placed between layers of asphalt when the parking lot is poured. These devices make the asphalt more rigid so that it is less likely to bow and develop ruts.

2. Concrete  Pads

In many lots, rutting is only an issue in certain areas. Common places for ruts to form include around loading docks where big delivery trucks park, near front entrances or other loading zones, and at the most heavily trafficked main entrance into the lot. Your paving service can replace the asphalt in rut-prone areas with concrete pads that don't tend to develop ruts. The rest of the lot can be paved with budget-friendly, easily-maintained asphalt.

3. Prompt Repairs

The low areas in the paving from rut formation can eventually develop into potholes and crumbling paving thanks to the moisture that collects in the rut. Prompt repair is needed to prevent this. Developing low areas can often be patched and filled, which will stop further damage from occurring. For more extensive rutting, your paver can grind down the asphalt surface slightly and then install a fresh layer of level, undamaged asphalt on top.

4. Seal Coating

Seal coats are applied over asphalt every few years to create a protective barrier against moisture, weathering, and mechanical damage. Most seal coats are a mixture of asphalt and epoxy. The coating fills in the pores on the asphalt in order to create the barrier. A seal-coated lot is less prone to wear and tear damage, which can help reduce rutting.

5. Weight Limits

Weight limits may be necessary to stop rutting, particularly if you aren't quite ready to reinforce or replace an older parking lot. In this case, your paving contractor can inspect the lot and determine the maximum vehicle weight that it can withstand. 

Contact a commercial paving service if you need more help with your paving project.