Asphalt Uses Around Your Property

Asphalt is commonly seen in commercial areas, as well as on highways. It's also a popular choice of surface material for parking lots and driveways. However, it's also become popular for many other uses. Some cities are even using colored asphalt to create artistic roadways, walkways, and more. If you are in the process of coming up with ideas for your landscape, you might want to incorporate asphalt. You can learn reasons why asphalt makes a good choice, as well as learn some different uses for it in this article. 

Benefits of asphalt

There are a lot of benefits that come with asphalt. It offers a level, solid surface which is great for driving, parking, walking, skating, biking, and more. Asphalt generally comes in a dark and sheen look, which can be kept up by having the asphalt sealcoated as needed. Sealcoating also ensures asphalt will also last for a very long time, while still looking great and remaining in good shape. Asphalt is great in many areas where there are things like earthquakes, excessive heat, and a lot of rain. This is due to the flexibility, asphalt offers that allow for a bit of movement without it getting damaged. 

Landscape ideas for asphalt

Driveways - It's common to see asphalt driveways. However, you can incorporate other materials with the asphalt in your driveway. This could give it a unique look and may even help tie it into the look of your home. For example, if you have brick or stone on the exterior of your home, then you could have some brick and stone also worked into the driveway design. 

Bike paths - If you have children, then you likely know how much they love to ride their bikes, as well as their scooters and skateboards. However, while the street may be the only place for them to ride around the home, it is extremely dangerous. You could have a bike path that's asphalt laid. It could go all the way around your property and give your kids a safe place to ride. 

Landscape centerpiece - You can get very creative when it comes to designing a landscape centerpiece for your property, and asphalt can help. The asphalt paving contractor can help you achieve the look you want by putting in an asphalt space that you can then decorate to bring your vision to light. Since asphalt can be colored and stamped, there are plenty of ways you can go.