Reasons Your Asphalt Surface Needs A Good Foundation

Asphalt surfaces are reliable and robust, providing cost-effective maintenance for homeowners. However, an asphalt surface needs a strong and durable foundation to withstand heavy traffic. Laying asphalt on a weak foundation might accelerate its aging process. Additionally, the surface will develop multiple defects, making it unsightly. Therefore, it is imperative to enlist the services of a certified contractor for your asphalt driveway installation to avoid such problems. The contractor will lay a solid foundation to prevent the asphalt surface from deteriorating under pressure. Take a look at the reasons your asphalt surface needs a good foundation.

It Ensures Proper Drainage

Before laying the foundation, a contractor will determine the topography of the installation site. After that, they will grade the ground to make it even. Doing this results in proper drainage, as the contractor maintains the right elevation level for water to flow. You should enlist professional help to avoid creating an improper design that hinders water from flowing. In this state, water will pool and seep through the asphalt surface, causing it to crack.

It Leads To Fewer Repairs

A good asphalt foundation will have few defects over time, leading to fewer repairs. As such, the paving professional should prepare an adequate foundation comprising a solid subgrade and strong aggregate base. This means the subgrade will support heavy loads for an extended period while a strong aggregate base evenly distributes the weight of the load on it. Once installed, the asphalt surface can withstand heavy loads consistently, reducing the rate of wear and tear. This lowers the driveway's maintenance costs and boosts its longevity.

It Creates a Safer Surface

Low-quality materials and inadequate foundation may cause the asphalt surface to deteriorate much faster. As a result, the pavement might sustain cracks and dips when the gravel below sinks. This creates a tripping hazard, hindering effective movement within your driveway. Moreover, a lack of grading and sloping before laying the foundation may cause surface ice formation and water flooding. This leads to hazardous surface conditions, increasing the risk of injury to those using the pavement.

It Ensures Longer Service Life

A properly built foundation consists of a thick rock base and subgrade to stabilize the ground. In that case, a paving contractor will apply a base layer of an appropriate thickness to ensure uniform weight distribution. Then, they will apply subgrade and compact it using a rolling train. These processes create a robust and durable asphalt surface.

A strong foundation enhances the structural integrity of the asphalt surface. Thus, you should engage a professional asphalt paving expert to ensure the foundation is well laid.

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