When To Seal Your Asphalt Driveway

While you see your driveway every day, you probably don't often give it a second thought. Unfortunately, not taking the time to look over the asphalt will lead to problems that require tearing up the top layers and having them replaced. This is process is called resurfacing. If you take the time to watch for these issues now, you will know when it is time for asphalt sealing. This process is much simpler, less invasive, and less expensive than resurfacing. It involves having a few thin layers of an asphalt mixture spread across the existing driveway without the need to tear up anything. Here are a few times when applying an asphalt seal coat should be done.

After the Driveway is Installed

When you have a new asphalt driveway installed, the asphalt company will tell you to wait a couple of months to let it cure completely and then have it sealed. The extra-thin layers will protect the layers beneath it from cracking. This will prevent the need for resurfacing long before it would be needed.

Cracks and Discoloration

As you walk around the driveway and are inspecting it, look for small cracks or discoloration. When you notice these issues, it is a good idea to have a sealant applied. The sooner you have it sealed, the less likely there will be any damage to the under layers or foundation. Any damage under the sealed layers may require resurfacing. Any damage can also cause damage to your car's tires or be a tripping hazard to people walking on the asphalt.

Every Three to Five Years

Regular maintenance of an asphalt driveway includes having it resealed every three to five years, whether it is looking worn or not. This is done to extend the life of the driveway and keep resurfacing to a minimum.  It will also keep the driveway looking nice and new. 

The fact of the matter is an asphalt driveway needs to be sealed on a regular basis if you do not want it to get to the point of needing to be dug up and completely replaced. Weather and the weight of vehicles driving on it all the time are going to cause damage. Applying a seal coat when needed is the best way to keep from having to replace your driveway. Sealcoating is something you can do yourself with a bit of research. If the damage requires more than that, you are going to need to hire professionals.

Contact local asphalt sealing professionals to learn more.