Facts Homeowners May Not Fully Appreciate About Their Pavement

The paved areas of your property may not seem like they will require much care or maintenance, but a homeowner will still need to make sure that they are informed about the work that these surfaces may need.

Resurfacing May Spare You From Completely Replacing The Pavement

When your paved surface has suffered widespread damage, you might assume that it will have to be completely replaced. This is especially common when a paved surface has developed alligator cracks. However, it is often possible to repair this problem by resurfacing the pavement. During this process, the damaged layer of the pavement will be removed so that a fresh layer of asphalt or concrete can be applied. In addition to being more affordable than a total replacement, it will also be much faster, as the foundation of the pavement can be used again.

Erosion Can Be A Serious Problem For Your Pavement To Suffer

Erosion along the slides of pavement can be especially common when the pavement is on an incline. Over time, the erosion may be able to cause the soil under the pavement to wash away. As a result of this problem, potholes and cracks can both be far more likely to develop. If you are noticing the soil along the perimeter of the pavement is starting to erode, you should invest in having it evaluated by a paving contractor to determine whether the surface has been damaged as well as the potential upgrades that could reduce the likelihood of this damage occurring.

Seal Coating The Pavement Can Be An Affordable And Durable Type Of Protection

The use of seal coats is another strategy that can effectively reduce the overall amount of wear that your pavement suffers over the years. This type of protection can be useful for both concrete and asphalt, but it will need to be reapplied every few years for the biggest benefits. While you can seal coat your pavement on your own, it is important to avoid thoroughly cleaning it prior to applying the coating. Otherwise, vehicle fluids, dirt, and other debris may prevent a strong bond from forming between the seal coat and the pavement.

Deicing Chemicals Can Gradually Damage The Pavement

Deicing chemicals can be necessary for keeping your driveway navigable during the winter months. However, these substances are also highly corrosive to the pavement. In order to reduce the risk of the pavement being damaged by deicing chemicals, they should be rinsed off as soon as possible. Conversely, the use of sand or even heating systems for the pavement can both be options that can eliminate snow and ice while avoiding harming the pavement.