The Ins And Outs Of Commercial Paving

Commercial properties, like apartment buildings, office complexes, restaurants, bars, and banks, need quality pavements to handle moderate to high traffic, especially in parking lots. These pavements are known as commercial pavements. If you are a property owner or businessman and are considering paving your parking lot, this article will help you understand commercial pavements and why using commercial paving services is essential.

Common Types of Commercial Paving

Commercial paving options are primarily categorized depending on the materials used. Some of the most common ones include:

1. Asphalt

Asphalt is one of the most popular materials used for commercial paving. This material consists of crushed rocks, sand, and Bitumen. Many commercial property owners opt for it because it's cheaper than other alternatives, including concrete. Plus, with proper care and maintenance, asphalt paving can last for 10-35 years. That makes it ideal for applications in parking lots, which experience high traffic and are exposed to harsh weather elements.

2. Concrete

Concrete material offers you durable commercial paving that can withstand extreme weather and doesn't require intense maintenance. In fact, with proper installation, suitable reinforcements, expansion systems, and minimal maintenance, concrete pavers can last for 20-30 years. Concrete paving is suitable for parking lots, playgrounds, driveways, walkways, and pool decks.

3. Permeable pavers

Permeable pavers are used to make paving systems that are porous and can last 25-30 years. Porous paving allows water to drain through the pavement into the ground quickly. Therefore, they are the best option for application in commercial open parking lots, driveways, car parks, and courtyards susceptible to water pools, flooding, or runoffs, especially in stormy weather.

Benefits of Commercial Paving Services

One of the main things that determine a commercial paving's lifespan is the quality of the installation. And, to get the best installation, you need to work with commercial paving professionals. Here are some of the benefits you enjoy when you choose these experts:

1. Professional assistance

Different types of commercial paving materials are best suited for different applications. As a property owner, you may not be able to tell whether your parking lot needs concrete or asphalt. however, an experienced commercial paving service provider can help you pick a suitable material depending on factors like the traffic on your property, weather conditions in your area, and the permeability requirements.

2. Safety

Safety is a significant concern in commercial paving applications like parking lots, driveways, and public roads. Professional paving companies factor in lower splashback, skid resistance, and improved visual distinction in road markings to ensure drivers and pedestrians are safe from preventable accidents. 

3. Tools and equipment

Paving projects require equipment like stabilizers, milling machines, scrapers, shovels, tote mixers, and dump trucks. Professional paving companies have all these tools and equipment at hand. Therefore, by hiring them, you get quality paving for your parking lot and save money you would otherwise spend buying or renting these essential paving tools and equipment.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for parking lot paving services near you.