Deciding On Asphalt Or Concrete Paving

Most home and business owners ask themselves whether they should use asphalt or concrete paving when building their parking lots. Many firms offering parking lot paving services use asphalt or concrete depending on their clients' wishes and budgets. A well-paved and maintained parking lot is an added advantage for businesses because of the associated aesthetics and operating efficiency. It can also change the aesthetics of your business because it is the first point of contact visitors have. Thus, it is crucial to ensure your parking lot is paved by skilled contractors that ensure it is durable, has a good gravel base, and has efficient drainage. The following part will compare concrete and asphalt to help you decide the best material for your parking lot. 

The Expected Paving Cost

The cost of materials plays an essential role in choosing your preferred paving method. While few people use concrete on their parking lots, it is a very cost-effective option. After paving the parking lot, the only maintenance required is regular cleaning and joint sealing. This factor can make concrete cheaper than asphalt, considering the overall maintenance costs. However, asphalt has a low price point making it relatively cheap to construct your parking lot and replacing it entirely every few years. Thus, talk to your parking lot paving contractor to inquire about each option's cost, accounting for your compound's unique features. The consultation will help you compare the costs and make an informed decision.

Drainage Efficiency

Proper drainage can increase the lifespan of your parking lot by effective dispersion of runaway water. Concrete is better than asphalt when it comes to draining water away. Factors like weather and the type of subsoil can also negatively affect a parking lot paving job by causing cracks and premature potholes. On the other hand, concrete is self-supporting and does not rely on the base of the structure. Thus, it can handle vast amounts of water without cracking and losing significant strength. Consider your area's climate and weather patterns when constructing your parking lot to get a sturdy paving job.

Lighting and Energy Consumption

While there are many considerations, cost and quality are very important when deciding on the type of material to use in your parking lot. Many businesses and people use a lot of money to light up their parking lots. Asphalt is dark and naturally absorbs light. Thus, those using asphalt for their parking lot paving also have to invest in good lighting. On the other hand, concrete has a polished look meaning it can reflect light better than asphalt. You will spend less money on lighting by using concrete and reduce energy consumption.

Reach out to a parking lot paving service for advice for your specific situation.