Residential Asphalt Paving: 3 Types Of Pavement Damage

Many property owners may prefer asphalt pavement material because it's versatile, smooth, and durable. For example, you can work with your residential asphalt paving contractors to design a pavement that can withstand different kinds of loads. These may include passenger cars and trucks. Unfortunately, regardless of how robust your pavement is, it can develop wear and tear after long-term use. The good news is understanding damage signs can allow you to spot any issue as soon as it occurs and get it repaired. Read on for more insights.

Asphalt Pavement Swelling

Pavement swells can occur because of the expansion and shrinking of the pavement surface. This can happen if the pavement surface is on top of soil containing clay and minerals impacted by moisture and humidity fluctuations. Moisture reduces with the drying of the air around the asphalt surface. This leads to the shrinking of the soil. On the flip side, during humid, rainy, and wet weather, the moisture in the soil increases, leading to dirt expansion. 

As the soil under your asphalt pavement expands and shrinks, the surface can shift, leading to bulging sections, wrinkling, and cracking. Another cause of pavement swelling could be the freezing of the water in the soil, creating frost heaves. Once you discover your asphalt pavement has this kind of damage, you want to get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Working with residential asphalt paving contractors can help you with your personalized repair needs. 


Your asphalt pavement experiences moisture and temperature fluctuations daily. For example, after you finish your project, your asphalt has a rich and deep black color, showing that it is flexible, moist, and resistant to chemical and water penetration. 

However, continued exposure to sunlight, chemicals, and fluctuating temperatures can cause a breakdown and fading of your pavement's color. This makes it more susceptible to potholes, divots, and cracks. If you want to extend your asphalt pavement's lifespan, it would be best to maintain the surface properly. You can rely on residential asphalt paving contractors when you need help. 


What causes potholes? These may occur because of long-term water intrusion on the unrepaired pavement cracks. If you leave alligator cracks unattended, water is likely to erode your asphalt surface. If the cracks worsen, they begin to form small chunks. Over time the fragments loosen, leaving potholes. It would help if you got cracks repaired before the problem advances.

Asphalt pavements can last long if you maintain them properly. You can get an incredible value by scheduling routine inspection and maintenance by skilled residential asphalt paving contractors.