3 Ways To Increase Your Parking Lot's Lifespan

Do you have a parking lot and are wondering how you can make it last longer? Chemicals, salts, and temperature changes can impact your pavement in many ways. It turns out there are things you can do to extend your parking lot's lifespan. One of the things you need to ensure you do with your pavement is regular maintenance and repair. The good news is you can rely on established parking lot paving services to get started. Read on for helpful insights. 

Resurface the Asphalt

After long-term use, potholes and cracks can develop on your pavement. If this happens, you can resurface your structure with a new asphalt layer because it is essential for reinforcing the structure. For example, you may want to add up to two inches to your pavement's current layer. 

The first thing you want to do is inspecting your pavement for any potholes and cracks to get them repaired. You can do this annually or every few years, depending on your needs. Generally, resurfacing can be a great way to extend your parking lot's lifespan. 

Fill Cracks Immediately

Do you notice your parking lot has standing water? This could mean the pavement has small cracks. Unfortunately, if you leave this unattended, the problem is likely to escalate over time. This means you'll need to incur unnecessary repair expenses. While these cracks can occur in your parking lot, you want to get them repaired as soon as you spot them. It would help if you talked to parking lot repair experts to recommend reliable solutions. 

Control the Types of Vehicles Using Your Parking Lot

As a property owner, you need to understand the vehicle types your parking lot can support. For example, if your property isn't recommended for heavy vehicles, you should avoid it. This is because it's likely to cause your parking lot to deteriorate. 

These vehicles bear a lot of pressure and grinding, leading to excess friction, especially when moving. If you combine this with semi-trucks, snow removal vehicles, forklifts, delivery vans, pickup trucks, and winters tires, it can lead to an unexpected disaster. That's why you want to understand your parking lot capabilities and regulate traffic flow. This can be critical in extending the lifespan of your pavement, in addition to considering other necessary maintenance and repairs. 

Having a parking lot can be an excellent investment, but you need to know how to maintain it for an extended lifespan. If you need repairs, ensure you talk to a parking lot paving service for solutions.